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Historic Moment as Beechgrove Receive Covid-19 Vaccinations

Beechgrove Care Home was fortunate to be one of the first Care Homes in Lanarkshire to receive the Covid-19 vaccination for our residents and staff.

Five nurses from NHS Lanarkshire visited our home on 15th December to administer the first phase of the vaccine to 63 residents and 64 staff - and will be returning in 28 days for the second dose, which will eventually provide maximum defence against the effects of the virus. 

With the vaccination taking place within our home, strict Infection Protection and Control precautions were taken to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. Our new Visitor Room, which features an internal area accesible via its own exterior entrance, separated from the rest of the home by a PVC panel, was utilised to its best advantage

First in line was Manager, Margaret Allison, who said:

"After such a long, nine months it really was quite a moment to be finally receiving the vaccine and I was glad to have done it.  We are so proud of all the residents and staff who, despite some inevitable initial apprehension, have risen to the challenge. Not only will this provide us with much needed protection of the effects but hopefully signals the start of better times ahead not just for Beechgrove but for Lanarkshire and the rest of the world. 

 "It was carried out quickly with just a jag to the top of my arm and the nurses were really great at making me feel at ease." 

 Joining Margaret was 91-year-old Anne Dunn who was the first resident to receive the vaccine.   

Her daughter, Margaret MacLeod, said:

“Congratulations to Beechgrove for securing an early roll out of the COVID vaccine. I am delighted my mother, fellow residents, and staff will benefit from this enhanced level of protection.

“Hopefully this will pave the way for designated visitor testing and allow relatives to have meaningful indoor visits with their loved ones.”

Watch our video as Anne shares her experience with us. 

The Covid-19 vaccine helps build up immunity to the virus, enabling the body to fight it off more easily and reduce the risk of the virus by making the symptoms milder. While we will still be taking precautions for the foreseeable future to ensure the virus doesn't enter our home, it means that in the incidence that it may, residents and our team are protected as best as possible by reducing the chance of serious or life-threatening symptoms.

Residents and staff were prioritised by NHS Scotland to receive the vaccine which will now be rolled out to identified groups of people. The COVID-19 vaccine remains the best protection against COVID-19, helping to protect you and those you care for; please be assured that NHS Scotland will only use a vaccine if it meets the required standards of safety and effectiveness.

For more information, visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine on NHS inform.

Or please do be in touch with our Manager, Margaret Allison by calling 01555 660331or emailing if you have any questions.


Pictured are Home Manager Margaret Allison & Resident Ann Dunn receiving their vaccinations and enjoying a chat afterwards.