Our peaceful library is one of the most popular areas in our home. This space has been designed to provide residents the opportunity to relax while reading a favourite book or getting lost in a new one. We encourage all residents to use the library and enjoy the benefits it brings, from alleviating stress, to improved sleep and even increased memory circuits.

Reading, either alone or in a group, allows people to use their imaginations while also providing conversation subjects; it is an environment where residents can spend time alone or with a fellow resident. Beechgrove has been designed to allow all of our residents to live their life their way.

Positive Effects of Reading

We encourage residents to read and make the most of the library due to the plethora of positive benefits that it naturally offers. Studies have shown reading to have the capability to boost mental health, communication skills and the ability to use one’s imagination. Reading is an encouraged activity for decreasing stress, enhancing memory and even improving sleep habits. Simply reading for enjoyment will lift our residents’ spirits, ensuring that our library remains a welcoming environment.

Time to Read & Relax

Our library aims to appeal to as many residents as possible, by providing classic books such as “Pride and Prejudice” as well table-top games. No matter what genre a resident prefers, our library shelves are guaranteed to contain something to pique their interest. The library’s book collection is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that even our most regular visitors will never run out of fresh material to enjoy. With his cosy and comfortable Chesterfield chairs, our library is the ideal space to settle down and read and relax.

What You’ll Find In Our Library

Residents can enjoy our tranquil library at any time, whether they wish to read in the morning or evening. Our library is the go-to area for some quiet time, whether residents want to sit in a nice chair and relax or get lost in a good book.

Books & Newspapers

In our library, residents are able to choose from a selection of periodicals. Whatever they want to read, we are sure to have something for them; from magazines and newspapers to popular book series, our library is brimming with diverse reading material.

Cosy Chesterfield Chairs

The Beechgrove Library has been considerately designed to be a tranquil and comfortable space where residents go to for a peaceful moment. Furnished with cosy high-back Chesterfield chairs and luxurious decor, it’s the perfect space to read and relax.

Social Opportunities

Residents are also able to use our library to play a quiet card game or tabletop game, either by themselves, with a staff member or fellow resident. From solitaire to chess, we encourage residents who visit our library to utilise the games on offer to them. 

Five Star Facilities For a Fulfilling Life

It is our aim to ensure residents feel as comfortable as possible from the moment they arrive at Beechgrove, no matter their situation. Set in the picturesque countryside of Lanark, our home has been purpose-built to promote group living. Beechgrove provides a variety of first-class amenities as well as an action-packed activities programme for residents to join in on. There are many beautifully furnished rooms around the home that provide a social setting and our Activities Coordinators provide an activities schedule each week that integrates residents’ interests and hobbies. Regular outings into the Lanark town centre and events at the home are also organised, so there’s never a dull moment here at Beechgrove Care Home. 

Personalised Care By a Qualified Care Team

The staff at Beechgrove Care Home go above and beyond to make sure residents feel happy in their new surroundings. The high standards of care we provide caters to both health and well-being demands as we believe caring for an individual in their entirety is vital to achieving the most effective care. Our person-centred approach to care means we customise each care plan, by making them precise and adaptable when the time comes. All of the care types we provide take place in a loving environment and tranquil setting, designed to make everyone feel that Beechgrove is a place they can call home.

Get In Touch With Our Friendly Team

Contact the helpful team Beechgrove Care Home to find out more about how we can help you and your loved ones. You can reach us by emailing or calling 01555 660331. Alternatively, submit an online Enquiry Form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as they can.