Palliative Care

At our care home in Lanark, we have created a specialist palliative care service that supports our residents and their families during a difficult and extremely emotional time.

Our team of care professionals is proud to support residents receiving Specialist Palliative Care at Beechgrove Nursing Home in South Lanarkshire and always go the extra mile to ensure that they have a comfortable and well-supported stay.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care, also known as end-of-life care, is a type of medical care provided to individuals who have life limiting illnesses or are in the final stages of their life, which can range from natural deterioration to more complex terminal conditions.

The primary objective of specialist palliative care is to ensure that the individuals receiving care are comfortable, with a focus on reducing their pain and other symptoms, maintaining their dignity, and supporting their wishes.

In addition to providing care to the individuals, loved ones are also given support during this challenging time, allowing them to spend quality time together and receive the assistance they need.

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Palliative Care at Beechgrove Care Home

Our care home in South Lanarkshire has a team of compassionate and highly skilled nurses and carers who are available 24/7 to provide care and support to those with life limiting illnesses and degenerative conditions. We treat each resident as an individual and value their uniqueness.

At Beechgrove, we believe in a holistic approach to care and work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals to ensure that the needs and desires of our residents who require specialist palliative care are met. We take pride in delivering the highest quality of care and support to our residents and their loved ones in a positive and sensitive manner.

We understand that this can be a challenging and emotional time for both the residents and their families, which is why we allow unrestricted visitation to enable families to spend precious time together. At Beechgrove, we are committed to providing exceptional palliative care and support not only to our residents but also to their loved ones.

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What You’ll Find at Beechgrove

Ensuring the utmost comfort, convenience, and personalised support for our residents is at the core of our care home’s design, which boasts a wide range of amenities and services.

Nurse Call Systems

Personalised Care Plans

Profiling Beds

GP Access

Optician Access

Dentist Access

Chiropody Access

Physiotherapy Access

Palliative Care FAQs

Palliative care can be administered in a variety of settings, including care homes, hospices, hospitals, and even within an individual’s own home. Opting for palliative care in a care home offers the advantage of 24/7 support from skilled care providers in a warm, comforting, and nurturing environment.

At Beechgrove Care Home, we understand the challenges and emotions that families experience when their loved ones need palliative or end-of-life care. We are committed to offering our assistance, addressing your concerns, providing guidance, and extending the support you and your family require.

We recognise the importance of families wanting to spend quality time together during this period, which is why we offer unrestricted visiting hours.

Tailored Care At Our Care Home in Lanark

We are proud of the care home we have created, offering a wide range of care services. We are strong advocates for ensuring that every resident receives exceptional care and simultaneously enjoys their hobbies, pursues their interests, and makes new friends.

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