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Arts & Crafts

Participating in group activities is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. Our Activities Coordinators are passionate about developing new and engaging activities, such as our regular Arts & Crafts sessions. There are various craft opportunities for residents to enjoy, ranging from painting and colouring to flower arranging and baking.

Giving residents the space and opportunities to be creative has a variety of mental and physical benefits; when coupled with the social aspect that these group activities provide, residents are certain to have fun and receive multiple benefits from attending our Arts & Crafts sessions.

A Diverse Activities Programme

Our activities coordinator works to create an interesting and diverse activities programme where all residents can feel motivated and engaged. We believe that art therapy, in its many forms, promotes the well-being of the elderly. Group activities can also help residents, staff, family members, and the wider community form stronger bonds. Arts and crafts classes are about more than just painting a picture; they provide a variety of benefits, and our staff has experienced firsthand how beneficial they are to our residents.

A resident knitting
Ball of Wool

Activities for All Abilities

Every activity available is designed to be accessible to all of our residents, regardless of their abilities. We encourage residents to participate in all activities in a safe and controlled manner. This allows them to try new things and gain new skills, which boosts self-confidence and allows them to live a more satisfying life. All programmes have been carefully planned to match the needs of our residents, with the purpose of engaging everyone.

Poppy Wreath
Resident Colouring in Poppies

What You’ll Find at Beechgrove

Ensuring the utmost comfort, convenience, and personalised support for our residents is at the core of our care home’s design, which boasts a wide range of amenities and services.

Art Materials

Seasonal Crafts

Social Activity

Arts & Crafts FAQs

Yes, any materials or tools you may need to make your arts and crafts projects will be covered by your overall fee.

You are free to get creative in any way you want, our activities team has previously held sessions on painting, knitting, wreath making and card making.

You are welcome to keep any pieces of art that you make, gift them to a loved one, or, the activities team may ask to have them displayed in the home, especially for seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas.

Tailored Care At Our Care Home in Lanark

We are proud of the care home we have created, offering a wide range of care services. We are strong advocates for ensuring that every resident receives exceptional care and simultaneously enjoys their hobbies, pursues their interests, and makes new friends.

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