Five Star Facilities For a Fulfilling Life

Our luxurious home has been designed to provide residents with an incredible selection of facilities and services that are available to all who reside at Beechgrove. Whether it’s participating in quiz night, painting a landscape or watching a film in our cinema, we have everything residents could ever need to ensure they get the most out of their stay.

Our aim is to provide a varied selection of activities so that residents have the opportunity to live a full life each day. Our activities team get to know our resident’s interests, hobbies and preferences so that we can incorporate this into our activities programme.

En-suite Bedrooms

Beechgrove Care Home features 70 attractive and spacious bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. The furnishings have been carefully chosen in each room to provide a comfortable and homely setting. Our bedrooms have everything residents could need, including furniture, free Wi-Fi, central heating, a nurse call system and a wide-screen television. We encourage residents to personalise their rooms by bringing with them any personal objects or decor that would help the room feel truly theirs.

Beechgrove Bedroom
Assisted Bathroom


Mealtimes are such an important part of our residents’ daily life at Beechgrove Care Home. Residents can indulge in delicious cuisine prepared by our in-house chefs and eat their meals wherever they wish, whether that’s our communal dining room, private dining area, in their room, or on our patio during the warmer season. Our catering team creates a seasonal menu with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. We will also cater to any dietary requirements and preferences to ensure residents are always satisfied.

Dining Room at Beechgrove
Two Scones with Jam & Cream

Arts & Crafts

We provide the opportunity for residents to try new things in a secure and supervised environment. This enables residents to pursue an active and vibrant lifestyle. Our arts and crafts sessions are tailored to meet our residents’ interests, with the intent of inspiring and motivating everyone who joins in. From painting to drawing, sewing and flower arranging, residents can use their creativity to produce their own masterpieces to either give to a loved one or display in their room or around the home.

Ball of Wool

Activities Programme

Our Activities Coordinators are devoted to providing joyful and engaging activities for our residents each week. At Beechgrove Care Home, there’s always something exciting for residents to partake in within our activities programme, from having live entertainment into our home, to taking part in sing-a-longs, games, film nights and baking, our aim is to provide a variety of activities that are inclusive to everyone. We get to know our residents’ passions and hobbies so that we can incorporate this into our activities schedule. 

Beechgrove Mini Van

Private Gardens

Beechgrove is surrounded by green lawns for residents to use at their leisure. With a patio area, raised flower beds and benches, residents can enjoy a spot of gardening, sit and read a newspaper or eat their meals during the summer months. Our private and secure outdoor space provides a tranquil environment for our residents to enjoy the great outdoors. When the weather permits, we carry out some of our activities outside for residents to receive the benefits that fresh air and regular exercise provide.

Beechgrove Garden
Beechgrove Garden

Hair Salon

Our hairdressing service is offered to all residents so that they can feel their most confident during their stay. Whether residents would like a haircut, hair wash or perm, our talented hairdressing team are committed to our residents’ overall well-being by helping make them look and feel their very best. Our hairdressers are available for their hair services three days a week and residents can book regular appointments via our online booking system. 

Hair Cutting Tools


Our library is a cosy room where residents’ can experience ultimate peace and quiet while they spend a few hours reading an engrossing book or play a quiet card game with a fellow resident. Our library is full to the brim of an assortment of books from old novels to more new literature, there’s guaranteed to be something to suit every preference. Our library features highback leather chairs for the ultimate comfort and coffee tables for residents’ to stock up on drinks and snacks during their visit.

Leather Armchair Next to Book Shelf
Birds Eye View of Books


The cinema is the ultimate place where residents can unwind and watch their favourite film on the big screen. With individual red leather seats, a projector screen and surround sound, our residents can experience the ultimate cinema experience. With a plethora of film genres including westerns, romantic comedies, musicals and action films, we’re confident they’ll be a film suitable for all interests, and we’re constantly expanding our film collection. Residents can also enjoy their favourite snacks whether it’s popcorn, sweets or crisps, our staff will go above and beyond to accommodate all. 

Cinema Door

Additional Amenities

We recognise the unique qualities of our residents. Beechgrove Care Home has been purpose-built to provide a variety of facilities and services to suit a range of differing personalities and interests, allowing them to live their life exactly how they wish.

Nurse Call System

Nurse Call Systems are installed throughout residents’ bedrooms and other areas of the home. Should a resident need assistance from a nurse or care assistant at any time of day or night, at just a touch of a button, a staff member will be by their side.

Modern Technology

Residents are provided with a variety of alternative ways to communicate with their loved ones. Beechgrove is equipped with modern technology including communal iPads and computers that enable residents to contact friends and family. Residents can also use our communal devices to play online games, shop or browse the internet.

Pond with Waterfall Feature

Our charming pond with a waterfall feature provides a tranquil setting for reading a book or drinking a cuppa while catching up with a loved one. Combined with comfortable seating and raised beds for gardening opportunities, it’s easy to see why residents enjoy our private gardens so much.

Seasonal Food Menu

Residents can look forward to delicious meals prepared by our in-house chef each day. Our catering team creates a continually evolving menu with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, and residents’ preferences and intolerances will also be taken into consideration. 

Communal Lounges

Our home has a number of communal lounges that can be utilised however residents wish to use them. Whether that’s playing games with fellow residents, reading a newspaper, catching up with loved ones or gathering for a social event, a pleasant setting is guaranteed for any occasion.

A Social Life

Residents can benefit from an active and social life each day at Beechgrove. With a community of like-minded individuals, residents are able to interact with those who share similar interests and partake in group activities and outings where strong relationships can be formed.

Personalised Care By a Qualified Care Team

The staff at Beechgrove Care Home go above and beyond to make sure residents feel happy in their new surroundings. The high standards of care we provide cater to both health and well-being demands as we believe caring for an individual in their entirety is vital to achieving the most effective care. Our person-centred approach to care means we customise each care plan, by making them precise and adaptable when the time comes. All of the care types we provide take place in a loving environment and tranquil setting, designed to make everyone feel that Beechgrove is a place they can call home.

Get In Touch With Our Friendly Team

Contact the helpful team Beechgrove Care Home to find out more about how we can help you and your loved ones. You can reach us by emailing or calling 01555 660331. Alternatively, submit an online Enquiry Form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as they can.

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