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Dementia Care

Our home is designed to provide a safe, caring and welcoming environment for those living with dementia in South Lanarkshire. As dementia care providers, our team has received extensive training in dealing with all types and levels of Dementia. Our employees have gone through extensive training to ensure that each person is treated with the highest person centred care and respect.

Our Activity Coordinators go above and beyond, working with dementia residents and their families to provide activities and therapies that are suited for their unique requirements and to help them thrive. Daily activities increase social interaction and mental stimulation, as well as relieve dementia-related frustrations and stress.

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia is a condition that affects the brain in older people that often affects a person’s speech, mood and memory. Those with dementia can continue to live their lives to the fullest with the right care and support, while staff helps them keep their sense of self and independence for as long as possible. If nursing care is required later down the line, residents can be moved to a nursing care unit. Beechgrove Care Home in South Lanarkshire understands that no two people with dementia are the same and that although some may only need minor assistance with daily activities, others may require much more. Our Dementia Care is tailored to each individual, and our home and staff create the ideal environment to support people in living a vibrant life.

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Dementia Care in Lanark

Our staff has had extensive dementia training and is dedicated to giving the best dementia care in Lanark, South Lanarkshire. We make every effort to provide care that allows each individual to reach their full potential and live a happy and comfortable life. Regularly scheduled activities increase social and mental stimulation and interaction, as well as alleviate any frustrations or tensions that come with dementia. Our home contains deliberately designed sections, as well as practical elements such as en-suite wet rooms, signage, and aids for eating during meal times. If a resident requires medical care, they can be transitioned to the nursing care unit as care providers who provide a continuum of care.

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Personalised Care By a Qualified Care Team

The staff at Beechgrove Care Home go above and beyond to make sure residents feel happy in their new surroundings. The high standards of dementia care we provide cater to both health and well-being demands as we believe caring for an individual in their entirety is vital to achieving the most effective care. Our person centred approach means we customise each care plan, by making them precise and adaptable when the time comes. All of the care types we provide take place in a loving environment and tranquil setting, designed to make everyone feel that Beechgrove is a place they can call home.

Healthcare Services at Beechgrove:

We provide a rewarding lifestyle by combining high-quality care with all-inclusive facilities. Medical services required from an external source are also available, which includes the following:

GP Visits

If residents have any health concerns, they are entitled to schedule regular appointments with a local doctor’s surgery. They can choose to be accompanied by a staff member or attend alone. 

Eye Appointments

If any of our residents have any eye-related concerns and need to be seen by an optician, they will be able to attend a routine appointment. Any treatment carried out may come at an additional cost, so we advise checking with the team at Beechgrove before going ahead.

Dental Care

Oral care is extremely important, especially as we grow older. Residents can have regular check-ups with a dentist or if they are experiencing tooth pain.


If physiotherapy is medically prescribed, your primary nurse can arrange this service for you, or if a resident would like a private arrangement, this can also be provided.


For residents experiencing foot pain or who have a foot injury, we have connections with a private chiropodist in South Lanarkshire who can attend to your chiropody needs every few weeks. Please check any fees before booking an appointment.

Five-Star Facilities For a Fulfilling Life

It is our aim to ensure residents feel as comfortable as possible from the moment they arrive at Beechgrove, no matter their situation. Set in the picturesque countryside of Lanark, South Lanarkshire, our home has been purpose-built to promote group living. Beechgrove provides a variety of first-class amenities as well as an action-packed activities programme for residents to join in on. There are many beautifully furnished rooms around the home that provide a social setting and our Activities Coordinators provide an activities schedule each week that integrates residents’ interests and hobbies. Regular outings into the Lanark town centre and events at the home are also organised, so there’s never a dull moment here at Beechgrove Care Home.

Get In Touch With Our Friendly Team

Contact the helpful team Beechgrove Care Home to find out more about how we as care providers in South Lanarkshire can help you and your loved ones. You can reach us by emailing or calling 01555 660331. Alternatively, submit an online Enquiry Form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as they can.

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