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Nothing beats winding down to watch your favourite film. Cinema provides the power to transport people to another place, and it can spark a plethora of emotions. It was only right that our purpose-built home had its own private cinema room. Our cinema room was designed to bring residents closer together, and also a place where residents can spend time with their loved ones in a relaxing setting.

We have a wide range of films that residents can choose from. It’s highly likely there will be something to tickle every resident’s fancy with a wide range of genres available, including westerns, romantic comedies, action films, musicals and more.

Experience Film The Right Way

We believe that watching a movie should be done the right way, that’s why we have invested in the most modern technology to provide a cinematic experience for our residents. We want residents to get the full experience, where they can put all of their focus onto the film they’re watching thanks to surround sound and a crystal clear picture. The cinema room can also be rented out for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary where loved ones can create memories together.


One of Life’s Simple Pleasures

What better feeling than sitting comfortably with your favourite snack in hand and beverage of choice next to you. Watching an engaging film for a couple of hours can aid with mental and emotional well-being, as well as stimulate the imagination, improve memory and spark social interaction. No matter a resident’s age or ability, the cinema experience is something that everyone can be a part of.


What You’ll Find at Beechgrove

Ensuring the utmost comfort, convenience, and personalised support for our residents is at the core of our care home’s design, which boasts a wide range of amenities and services.

Projector Screen

A Multitude of Film Genres

Comfortable Setting

Cinema FAQs

Our cinema room has been created to offer residents the full cinema experience without having to leave Beechgrove. The cinema has a projector screen and plenty of comfortable seating. Residents can visit here and sit back and watch their favourite films.

Each resident is welcome to make use of our cinema room as part of their monthly fee. Relatives are also invited to join us in using our cinema room, and if requested, we can arrange for residents to have private viewings with their friends and family.

We are pleased to offer a range of film titles and we work closely with our residents to learn about their favourite genres so that we can ensure that there is something suitable for everyone. On occasion, we also show special televised events such as sports and national celebrations.

Tailored Care At Our Care Home in Lanark

We are proud of the care home we have created, offering a wide range of care services. We are strong advocates for ensuring that every resident receives exceptional care and simultaneously enjoys their hobbies, pursues their interests, and makes new friends.

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